Electric Heat?
It's Time to Meet your Mysa.
for Electric Baseboard Heaters*
The only smart thermostat built for line voltage electric heaters that works with all your smart home platforms.
for Electric In-Floor Heating
The ultimate smart thermostat for high voltage in-floor heat designed from the ground up for your comfort.
Ships in November 2019
Which Mysa is right for your home?
Remote Control
Heat How and When You Want.
Use Mysa's app or your favourite smart home platform to take full control of your electric heat from anywhere in the world.
Energy Charting
Chart Your Course Towards Savings.
The Mysa app will show you daily and monthly usage charts so you'll know how much money you spend (and save) on heating your home.
Customize Your Comfort.
Our smart schedule allows you to customize your home's whole week to make sure you're not wasting energy, and to make sure that it's working on your schedule.
Heat Smarter.
Only heat when you're on the way home by using your phone's geolocation services. Make sure you're not heating an empty house.
Make Your Mysas Play For the Same Team.
Group Mysas into heating zones and control them together. Give yourself more control over your home through zones.
Shared Access
Saving Energy Doesn't Have to be Lonely.
Share access to your account easily so others can control your Mysas through the Mysa app.
for Electric Baseboard Heaters*
250+ reviews
for Electric In-Floor Heating